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Happy New Year to you all.

If you wish us to assist with rehoming your fur baby, please make sure this is absolutely what you want to do and you are 100% certain.

The whole team spend an awful lot of time trying to find homes for these Ragdolls and we have had a couple of instances recently, where we have arranged homes and transport and then been contacted to say the cats have been homed or something else.

While we appreciate and understand that this is a very hard decision you have to make, a lot of resources are utilised to try and rehome these fur babies, if we are then notified that our assistance is no longer needed, this is time, we could have used on another fur baby.

Thank you x

Ragdoll Rescue have been extremely busy so far and we are only 17 days into 2018.

We have recently taken care of a darling little boy called Stevie. Stevie was found, believed to have been dumped in Wales. Once at the vets it was found that he had very bad cataracts in both eyes. Stevie weighed just under 900 grams and is believed to be 8-10 weeks old. 

Within a few hours we had found a foster home for this darling little boy. He is now in a very loving home with his foster mommy. He has a sensitive tummy and also presented with fleas, all of this has now been taken care of. He has been playing with noisy toys and has taken a liking to his foster mommy's dogs. He also likes to sleep on shoulders!

Stevie will get everything he needs and when the time is right, we will hopefully take him to an eye specialist to see if anything can be done to help him.

He is named after Stevie wonder. Ragdoll Rescue would like to thank the vets for contacting us. We would also like to send our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to his wonderful foster Mommy, who did not hesitate to go and collect him and offer him a home.

Welcome to our website!


Hi Everyone and welcome to our new website!

Here at Ragdoll Rescue, we are dedicated to helping our beautiful breed.

Over the following pages, you will be able to meet the team, find out what it is we do, see the beautiful cats we have in our care, see the ones who we have helped find forever homes and see where you can come and meet us.

Thank you for visiting!

Please note, the safe houses we have are in the gardens of our homes, as we all have our own cats we are unable to take in cats with active transmittable infections, as this not only puts other rescue cats in our care at risk, but our own cats too. 

Ragdoll Rescue Calendar 2018

Our 2018 calendar is now available. Each calendar is £6.50 plus £1.50 postage. Or we can take to a show. These will also be available at The Supreme show.

For more details please contact. 


[email protected]